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Dropping off the radar…

2008 March 25
by rob

Hi! Tomorrow I’m leaving for Nong Khiaw in Northern Laos. From there, I’ll be traveling into relatively undeveloped places in remote areas for about a week. Some of the places I’ll be going don’t even have electricity or (gasp!) internet access. As a result, emails and updates from me will be scarce for a little while. My plans are not really completely set yet, so I can’t say exactly when I will be returning to civilization — it should be in about a week, maybe two weeks.

I expect to be sleeping in sleepy little villages where few tourists go. I may go on a multiple-day trek into the jungles and hills. I will definitely see mountains. We will look into hiring a local guide to guide us on our trek and keep us away from landmines and show us the way. We’ve done some research and have the names of a few guides up in Phongsali.

I won’t be traveling alone, though. Alexandra Weaver (from Hamilton, Ontario), and Christine (from Minnesota) will be traveling with me the whole way. We’ve decided that what we want to do in Laos is very similar to each other, so we will be traveling together for a while. All three of us should probably be together for about two weeks until Chris needs to go to Vietnam. Alex and I will probably stick together for our full 30 days in Laos, at least. We want to hit up the same places — in both northern and southern Laos, so it’s best to have a travel buddy for as long as I can!

See you soon!

Rob Szumlakowski
Luang Prabang, Laos

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    March 25, 2008

    Wow that was gay. I wrote you a comment and it was lost. Yay for not having cookies storing the client side information.

    Well to resum it up. I wish I was going to Laos instead of stinky Richmond – actually Wilmington DE, just outside of Philly this time.

    I am however glad to see you have having a blast and trying basically everything. Some things, namely getting peed on, are probably not what I would have recommended, but at least it is … different. Remember to get shmammered lots and look out for the shumpernickel skies. Try not fall out of anymore airplanes and if you do, at least feel comfortable you can surf back home.

    What I really wanted to do was give you a shout, but seems like you’ll be ditching civilization for a while. Try not to get lost in the shrubberies!

    Hope to see you before you come back!


    ps: I am smrt I saved the text this time

  2. Rob Szumlakowski permalink
    April 1, 2008

    You’re going to DELAWARE! I hope its all cool like Wayne and Garth say it is.

    I certainly have been getting shmammered lots. I miss getting shmammered with you guys though. Those were good times.

    I’ll try to give you a call some time so we can be chatty Cathies.

    When I get back to Canada in September, I’ll prolly end up staying for about six weeks, not four like I originally expected, so we will have more time for fun fun fun!

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