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Birthday Party

2011 February 13
by rob

I had a tiny birthday party at my place on Saturday night.

The original plan was to go to Vanipha Lanna restaurant. I discovered the Thai and Lao restaurant on a streetcar sojourn down St. Clair Avenue in the summer. Matt and I have wanted to go for a while. My birthday seemed like the perfect opportunity. Alas, when I called the place to make reservations, I was told that they were permanently closing before my scheduled party date. The owner told me that she was going to be continuing to provide a catering service, though.

Very interesting! Perhaps I could get my birthday catered? One night, after spinning class, I went there to test the place. I ordered some khao soi and pad thai to determine the quality of the food. Although the food wasn’t as good as the Thai food I’ve made myself, it was still good enough for a party.

I tried to get in touch with the owner several the next week, but she wouldn’t return my calls. I don’t know what happened to her, but she seemed to have dropped off the face of the planet.

I lamented about my dilemma to Janet and she offered to make dinner for my party. Wow! She’s a superhero! She saved my party!

Since Janet and I (mostly Janet) were preparing all the food for the party, I decided to keep the party guest list very small. I didn’t want to overwhelm our tiny kitchens with a bigger guest list. I’m sorry if you didn’t get invited. Hopefully next year I’ll be better prepared and can include everyone again! My apartment is tiny, too, and I didn’t think I could fit many more people in it, anyways…

The food Janet made was wonderful. She organized a Japanese-style meal with sushi pizza, salmon teriyaki, edamame salad, soba noodles, and her amazing family pineapple-topped fluffy cheesecake. She’s an awesome girlfriend. I feel so lucky :)

I was bestowed with some exciting news! Chris and John asked me to be an honour attendant at their wedding next year! I’m honoured!

The party was going smoothly. Justin, Monica, and baby Colin were just about to leave when my sister commented that I hadn’t taken any pictures yet! Holy crow! How could I have forgotten? I grabbed my camera and got to work.

The Lee Family!

The Lee Family!

Matt, Chris, Me, John, and Kim

Matt, Chris, Me, John, and Kim

I knew that I was going to run out of plates, so I asked my sister to pick up some paper plates for me. She did a fantastic job and picked up some excellent Sesame Street plates and Jonas Brother napkins. Good job, sis!

Peek-a-boo Sister

Peek-a-boo Sister

This party was actually a full week before my actual birthday. Why did I have it so far ahead? Perhaps I will explain more in my next post…

Rob Szumlakowski
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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