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New Photos Posted – Taiwan – Taipei

2010 November 6
by rob

Hi! This blog has been silent for about a month and a half. My apologies! I went on vacation for a while and then had a flipload of work to do. I managed to survive, however and have started the process of posting my vacation photos. Where did I go? I flew to the other side of the planet and spent nine days in Taiwan. I know that’s a far way to go for a short trip, but that’s how I roll! I had to choose a location that my friend Will in Japan could reach. Taiwan it was!

I’ll probably put up three photo albums. Here’s the first: the modern, crowded, and stinky city of Taipei. We spent three days there (October 3 to 5, 2010).


Taiwan - Taipei - October 2010

Taiwan - Taipei - October 2010

Rob Sz
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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